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Indoors (Wyatt Hall)


150th anniversary of Gettysburg
and the Irish Brigade 1865-2013

Saturday, 4 p.m
We will look at the role of the Irish Brigade, made up largely of Irish immigrants, in the battle many historians see as the turning point of the American Civil War. We will look at the specific challenges Irish immigrants faced and what their motivations were in fighting for their new country, as well as the almost immeasurable price that they paid.

The Good Friday Agreement 15 years on

Saturday, 2 p.m. & Sunday 4 p.m.
The Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement is arguably the most important political development in Northern Ireland in relation to Anglo-Irish affairs in modern times.

1798 Rebellion

Saturday, 1 p.m. & Sunday 3 p.m.
The Irish Rebellion of 1798, also known as the United Irishmen Rebellion, was an uprising against British rule in Ireland lasting from May to September 1798. The United Irishmen, a republican revolutionary group, influenced by the ideas of the American and French revolutions, were the main organizing force behind the rebellion.

The Irish in Louisville

Saturday, 3 p.m. & Sunday 2 p.m.
The history of the Irish in Louisville reaches back to the founding of the city. The two major waves of immigration with Irish influence in Louisville were the Scots-Irish in the late 18th century, and those who escaped the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s. Irish influence on the city continues to today.

The Irish Civil War

Sunday, 1 p.m.
The Irish Civil War was waged between two opposing groups of Irish nationalists over the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The forces of the "Provisional Government" (which became the Free State in December 1922) supported the Treaty, while the Republican opposition saw it as a betrayal of the Irish Republic (which had been established during the War of Independence). Many of those who fought in the conflict had been members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish War of Independence.


Society for Creative Anachronism

Not all the activities and exhibits are indoors. Wander out to the Quadrangle for more fun and entertainment. Ever feel like you should have lived in another era?Then the Society for Creative Anachronism is for you. Watch these young men become Irish warriors wielding historically accurate weaponry. Let your imagination take hold and you may feel you're at the Battle of Clontarf with Brian Boru.

Children's Area
Sponsored by Fifth Third

The Children's Area for the 2013 Louisville Irish Fest will feature a variety of activities for leprechauns of all ages. Burn some energy by playing catch and skipping rope, or have a blast on on our new inflateable obstacle course for kids ages 3 - 12 years old! Then recharge by getting creative in our craft area by making shields and crowns, decorating shamrocks, and coloring fun pictures. Next head over to visit with our talented volunteers for some free face painting. With activities like these, we are sure to keep you entertained.

Sunday Mass

Join us Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for Mass held in Bellarmine's chapel. Our Lady of the Woods is one of Bellarmine's hidden gems - a lovely little church in a lovely setting. A shuttle transport will be provided for those not up to a little hill-climbing.